A unique know-how


Our company, founded in 2001, is located at Beychac-et-Caillau, midway between both riverbanks, in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyard.  The company produces over 1,5 million wooden cases per year, thanks to our twenty-five employees. Our large and diverse customer base gathers all the players in the industrie, from the Premiers Grands Crus Classés, and Châteaux, to the wine merchant and wine cellars. Thanks to a great know-how and a strong capacity to adapt, we can satisfy all kind of needs (in volume, and sizes). We are experiencing strong business growth by developing exportation and providing other french vineyards, such as La Vallée de Rhône, La Bourgogne, Le Languedoc, and La Provence.
Marie-Louise Caisserie has adoped a responsible attitude regarding the cases’ phytosanitary requirements, following the FAO International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No 15 guidelines.
Marie-Louise Caisserie is in constant growth, by new hires and permanent investments. We have recruited five new contributors over 2017, and increased our storage surface area by 600m2.


11 Chemin du Bos Plan

Phone : 05 56 86 03 13

Fax 05 57 54 27 40